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Our shared hosting services are built on the premise that signing up for shared hosting shouldn't be a gamble on reliability, speed, security and uptime.

Don't be fooled by our competition's promises of "unlimited disk space" and "unlimited bandwidth." Most users won't run into problems, but it's important to note that both promises are accompanied by an Acceptable Use Policy that negates the promise of unlimited resources.

Promises of unlimited disk space come with limitations of inodes, records of all filesystem objects such as directories or files. Other limitations include the types of files you host. For example, mp3 files might not be allowed by a particular provider. The bottom line is that they have their ways of keeping customers using less than undisclosed amounts of disk space or forcing customers to purchase dedicated services (EXPENSIVE) or go elsewhere.

Promises of unlimited bandwidth are unrealistic as well. A network connection can only transfer a finite amount of data per month, and a shared hosting server shares that bandwidth among a pool of users. Imagine a water pipe capable of supplying 100 gallons per minute to a group of houses. It won't be able to supply more than that and every neighbor has to share that supply. There isn't an infinite amount and the water needs to be shared. The same goes for an Internet connection being shared by all users on a server.

How are we different?

We don't oversell or promise unlimited disk space. Every web hosting account includes 5GB of disk space and stream hosting accounts include 1GB. More space can be allocated for $0.20/GB/month. You are free to use the disk space however you want. While other providers require all files you upload to be web-accessible, we allow you to store files outside your public_html folder. The disk space is allocated to you. Feel free to use it how you see fit.

We also don't oversell or promise unlimited bandwidth. Every web hosting account includes 25GB of transfer and stream hosting accounts include 250GB. You can increase your monthly transfer limits for $0.20/GB/month.

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Client Testimonials

"Our site and streams have been hosted here for almost a decade and the service has been awesome!"

Joe Serocki, WYML-LP 99.9FM

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