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Terms of Service

Acceptable E-Mail Usage

E-Mail recipients must be either someone with whom you have a personal or professional relationship, or is a customer, member or subscriber of your business or organization, or who has specifically asked to receive your emails by opting in or signing up in some way, or someone who has bought a product or service from you in the past 18 months.

We encourage you to utilize an outside service (ie., MailChimp) for mailing lists and marketing emails. If you choose not to, the following rules must be followed when sending to a mailing list from your Just Host With Us account:

  • Lists must be 100% opt-in. This means that you must have obtained the permission of your recipients to send them emails. Examples of lists that are not allowed are purchased lists, email addresses scoured from the Internet, and marketing leads (including lists built via LinkedIn or obtained from a 3rd party).
  • In addition, lists must be up-to-date, and have had emails sent to them recently (within the previous 3 months). We closely monitor the percentage of bouncing email addresses and take action where necessary.
  • You must not use the service to ‘clean’ your mailing list. Cleaning your mailing list means testing the validity of email addresses by sending to those addresses when you know or suspect a list is out of date or contains a high proportion of invalid addresses.
  • An opt-out (unsubscribe) link must be placed at the bottom of each email which will allow the recipients to immediately remove themselves from the mailing list.
  • Emails must not contain content related to the industries mentioned below.

You must also NOT use the service to send emails that contain content related to the following industries or activities. Such emails, even if ‘opt-in’, generate a high proportion of complaints and could jeopardise our service for all of our users.

  • Pornographic or adult content
  • Adult novelty items
  • Dating or escort services
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Affiliate marketing or CPA marketing
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Keylogging
  • Get-rich-quick, work-at-home schemes or paid surveys
  • Online trading, forex trading, or stock market related content
  • Gambling services, products or gambling education
  • Online sweepstakes
  • Streaming TV services
  • Credit repair, get-out-of-debt content
  • Advertising your CV
  • Mortgages and/or loans (without prior approval)
  • Herbal highs or herbal incense
  • Nutritional supplements, herbal supplements or vitamin supplements
  • List brokers or list rental services
  • Essay writing services
  • Bulk RFQ (request for quote) emails
  • Designer goods (without prior approval)
  • Fake phishing emails for a ‘training exercise’ or penetration testing
  • Unsolicited marketing email (i.e. without proper permission from recipients)

We have a strict policy against spamming. We forbid the use of the service to send unsolicited mass emails or unsolicited emails of any kind. We reserve the right to terminate your account “for cause” if we deem you to be in violation of our anti-spamming policies. We also reserve the right to suspend your account pending review upon receipt of any complaint or other evidence that you may be engaging in any spamming activity.

You must also NOT use the service to a) knowingly send emails containing viruses, worms, or any other harmful code or software, b) send defamatory, harmful, abusive, vulgar or obscene content or material, c) send emails that are not in compliance with all applicable laws, or that do infringe upon the rights of any other party, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, privacy rights, moral rights, trade secrets, patents and any other rights d) harass or send threatening content.

You must also NOT use the service in a manner that substantially reduces performance for other subscribers, send “mailbombs” or other harmful devices, or engage in activity designed to gain unauthorized access to any of our computers or information.

You must also NOT use the service to send emails from email addresses which you do not have permission to use or which are not valid, or send from invalid email addresses for the purposes of testing your account.

You must also NOT use the service to auto-forward emails originally sent by 3rd parties. You must have full control of the content and quality of emails sent.

In the event that we deem you to be in violation of any of these policies, we shall immediately suspend your account and take further action as deemed necessary, including pursuing legal action.