Why should you Just Stream With Us?

We offer one plan in the interest of keeping choices simple for you. Many providers want you to predict how many simulataneous listeners you might have, hoping you'll pick a high number to avoid problems with potential listeners being able to listen. You may end up spending more money than you have to.

Our streaming plan offers 1000 listener slots and 250GB of data transfer per month. We will notify you if you exceed 90% of your monthly transfer allotment. You'll need to decide if it's necessary to upgrade your transfer allotment. You can increase your allotment for $0.20/GB/month.

Most users encode a live stream but a few users like to use the AutoDJ feature in Centova Cast. We allocate 1GB of disk space to all of our streaming accounts, but users wishing to run their stations from within Centova Cast will require more disk space. We will email you when you exceed 90% of your allocated disk space. Additional disk space can be purchased for $0.20/GB/month.

Our streaming service is 100% compatible with StreamLicensing! Read more about our features below!

Centova Cast

Centova Cast is the world's most advanced Internet radio stream hosting control panel. Centova Cast can handle virtually any stream hosting scenario!

  • Easy web-based stream configuration
  • AutoDJ support with powerful playlist scheduler
  • Drag-and-drop AJAX media library - demo
  • Comprehensive statistics and royalty reports - demo
  • Automatic stream monitoring/restarting
  • Feature-rich, automatic station home pages - demo
  • Much, much more -- take a tour!

Icecast-kh is a fork of icecast, a streaming mp3/ogg-vorbis audio server.

Icecast provides nearly all the functionality of the Shoutcast server. It will accept encoding streams from encoders like winamp, shout and ices. It can also add itself to a directory server such as icecast.linuxpower.org or Nullsoft's yp.shoutcast.com.

AutoDJ: ices-cc


SHOUTcast DNAS stands for Distributed Network Audio Server. The DNAS, also known as "SC_SERV," is a software program that is installed on a network server. All listeners that wish to tune into a SHOUTcast stream connect to the SHOUTcast DNAS. The DNAS is also responsible for updating the SHOUTcast directory with now playing and other information relevant to the audio stream.

We offer both SHOUTcast versions 1.98 and 2.x.

AutoDJ (SHOUTcast v1.98): ices-cc
AutoDJ (SHOUTcast v2.x): sc_trans v2

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Check out RadioLive! from our friends at 43FoldersTechnology Solutions! RadioLive! goes above and beyond what other offerings may have lead you to expect from a product like this! You won't be disappointed!

  • Fully Featured
  • 99.99% Uptime

Client Testimonials

"Our site and streams have been hosted here for almost a decade and the service has been awesome!"

Joe Serocki, WYML-LP 99.9FM

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